Asset Management

What would it be like if you could have all the information you need to make the right decisions when managing your property portfolio, without spending the majority of your week doing the research? We imagine you’d be pretty excited.

Our property & asset management team spend their week brushing up on the latest news covering demographic shifts, finance, emerging markets and more so they can maximise your return on investment and build value into your portfolio.

There are several key elements we closely manage to ensure your property is a long-standing asset that you’ll be proud of.

1) Safety assessments. This means assessing your property to ensure it complies with current health & safety regulations and that it’s safe for tenants to live comfortably at the property.

2) Regular updates. We meet with you once a year to reassess the property and discuss strategies we can implement to achieve a higher rent while increasing the quality of the tenancy. You can rest assured knowing your property is performing as it should.

3) Inspections. Our property manager carries out quarterly inspections and personally shows your property to potential tenants before interviewing them. This way you’re assured of the most suitable tenant for your property.

4) Scheduling. To minimise turnaround times between tenants, and increase your cash flow, we strive to ensure the next tenant is ready to move in as soon as the previous tenant has left.

5) Tenant sourcing. We have close links with several of Perth’s corporate leasing companies that are responsible for placing corporate clients from the mining industry, oil & gas sectors and professionals from overseas and interstate.

Now to add substance to our promise, we work closely with the Department of Commerce and are corporate members of REIWA to ensure everything we do is in your best interests.

If you’d like to discuss how our property management team can add value to your portfolio, call us on the number below and ask to speak with our Senior Property Manager, or fill in a contact form.