Buying Tips

You find a house you like, attend the home open, make an offer and before you know it you’re a new home owner. Sounds pretty simple, but there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes - often without you knowing. At Harveys Real Estate we make it our business to understand our buyers, so we can deliver better results when it’s time to sign the dotted line.
Purchasing your own home
More often than not, the decision to buy a home is a result of external factors - such as a growing family or relocating due to work. Buyers who are homeowners often do a lot of research but when they make their first inspection, emotions can often take over. Thankfully, we’ll help to remove those emotional blinkers so you can purchase with a clear mind.
Astute Investors
Investors tend to be careful and methodical. They carry out due diligence on the properties they’re assessing, research the market, and consult their bank manager and accountant. They take into account the property cycle and make a move to buy when all the conditions are right. We use our experience and intimate knowledge of the market to add value to their investment choice.
First Home Buyers
Purchasing your first home is an exciting time - it can also be a little confusing. Those with most modest budgets will often encounter strata titled properties. Understanding how the strata company manages the budget for the whole group is critical to making a sound investment. With a little guidance from us, we’ll help you buy into a well managed group that’ll increase the potential capital growth of your first home. 
The kids have moved out (finally) and now it’s time to downsize. So what next? Getting the best deal buying and selling helps you maintain capital for the future. Our professional advice can help to remove the stress of moving and give you a better understanding of the sale and purchase processes. Let us help you make this transition a relaxing one.
Buyer’s Tip: Buying the most expensive home in a suburb may have risks if there is a down turn, so it’s always a good idea to look at a higher priced suburb so you stay closer to the median price. When it’s time to sell in the future, a home priced around the median price will normally sell faster as there is more demand in this price range.